Florida Supercon 2K13

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I’ve had the privilege of visiting a few conventions in my time, however, 2013 would be the year I no longer attended as a visitor, but as a contributor! During the winter of 2012, after being put on by my friend Kat to create what would ultimately become Periphery, I began working toward a completed 24 page book, my first in a long line of attempts. She insisted on finishing the title before April of 2013 to take part in New York’s Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art, or MoCCA, but, unfortunately, even though the book was finished, circumstances arose that prevented my attending

It was rather upsetting, and unsettling; having now holding in my hand my most proudest achievement with nowhere to really showcase it. But then, just like that, my friend Johnny Zhang brought up South Florida’s burgeoning Comic Con, a convention I frequented given that I’m originally from there. Before we knew it, we where planning set up, posters, business cards, prints of the comic, the whole nine yards! The day finally came, and he and I went in guns blazing!

Zhang had had previous exposure to being on the other side of the table, I was awe struct and beyond frightened, but I couldn’t have asked for a better turn out, nor a better table-mate than him. Those 4 days opened my eyes to the possibility of maintaining this level of exposure, showcasing my work and myself to the public, all the while generating a fledgeling fan base for Periphery, so long as I continued to push myself.

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