Florida Supercon 2K14

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Year two came about, and the excitement within me swelled as the opening day drew near. A lot had happened in 2014, the largest and most overwhelming aspect was my transition to New York. It took a few months for things to more or less fall into place before the move could be made, but before long I was in a care with my friend Shane bound for New York!

You can read the exploits leading up to and the actual trip itself here!


There was a relatively large significance with my 2014 presence than compared with the year before. During the 2013 Supercon, I was pretty much underwhelmed as far as content was concerned, I’d only Issue One of Periphery, a handful of prints and whatever commissions I was able to pump out before the end of the weekend. But the turn around, especially financially, was remarkable for a first timer and unknown like myself.

In 2014, however, they changed locations to accommodate the ever growing audience present at this shindig. This led to a rather poor placement setup for Artist Alley, where indie artists like myself set up shop; the crowd in that general area was wack to say the least, couldn’t really blame them given that most of the attendees had no idea where Artist Alley was!


But, all in all, we made due, and had a blast the entire time! It was awesome to see familiar faces come by my both again, especially that of friends and coworkers! The transition to NY has been all but easy going, but I know the work doesn’t stop there! And so, I prepare myself for my final presentation at Florida Supercon 2K15!


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