Chad Baptiste

Illustration, Comics, Storyboards

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Who I Am

An ever-ready take on what life brings to the table, and an insatiable appetite to see my work one day come to fruition, I will work consistently and diligently, not just for myself or employers, but for my art as well. It has gotten me this far, and I owe it that. I am an avid sequential illustrator, with a keen eye for detailing and a firm understanding of adapting verbal descriptions to visual interpretations. From there, I take my skills to mechanical and non-organic 3-D modeling; an ongoing struggle of patience and problem solving, I love to sit and watch as a mere polygon is transformed into something grand. I love what I do, and I will work to make that the epicenter of my life.



What I can do

Photoshop 100%
Illustrator 80%
InDesign 90%
Storyboarding 100%
Comic Art 100%

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